100% Natural
Breathe Free
with the Power
of Nature's Salt
100% Natural
Breathe Free
with the Power
of Nature's Salt
Breathe easier
Nasal Inhaler

May relieve the unpleasant effects of a stuffy nose, congestion and allergies.

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Bronchial Inhaler

May help to relieve transitional symptoms, the effects of tightness in the chest and allergies.

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Freshening up with the natural power of salt

Salt therapy for easy breathing also in allergic times

About salt therapy

Inhaling of salt has already been recommended by Hippocrates, the father of modernmedicine. He employed the ancient method of inhaling salty steam generated byboiling salty water. Salt crystals have been used to treat respiratory diseases(such as asthma, bronchitis or other chronic respiratory problems) tostrengthen the immune system for decades.
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- 100% natural, efficient solution free of medications
- Prevention of respiratory infections
- May promote the cleansing of the bronchial tract
- May mitigate respiratory symtoms quickly
- May helpto reduce asthmatic attacks
- May reduce medical treatments
- May improve the quality of life, easy to use
- Local effect mechanism at the apropriate point (lungs, larynx)
- Perfectly gentle treatment
- No side effects

Salt has disinfectant and antibacterial characteristics.
The nostrils and the mouth/throat represent a possibility for bacterial and virusinfections. In a global epidemic, it is nearly inevitable to come into contactwith these infectious viruses and bacteria despite all precautions.

Things people say about us:

Réka Baranyi

Unfortunately, I have asthma, this is why I bought the device. I have a larger salt vaporiserat home, but having this device always handy when I need is is super:) itcleans the respiratory tract, helps to thin adhered phlegm, and, what is veryimortant for me, it does that naturally, considering that I have been persuadedto take quite a number of medications over the years.

Éva Orosz

I got the new DSI Inhalo inhaler yesterday, and I was amazed by the new design! Thoughthe old ceramic version has done wonders for me and was good for the home, butthis new product is much easier to carry with me when I travel. I am gratefulfor both inhalers, and for the opportunity to share my opinion about this. Iwish you a lot of success with this great product.

Erika Müllerné

Ever since my little boy has been using the DSI salt pipe, I have not been giving him hisevening medication (Lordestin and Mometasone nasal spray). When he startswheezing, I hand him the DSI inhaler, and he keeps breathing with it until heis able to breathe properly again. He sleeps on the Parajd salt pillow atnight.  So, I can only recommend the saltpipe, my little boy has learned to use it quickly. The fact that I need notgive him medications and we did not need to use the machine we got at thepulmonology ward shows that the device really helps.

Ildikó Pálinkás

The salt pipe has worked great for my little son! He would often have a stuffy nose inthe morning, which made him cough. This has almost completely changed since wehave been using the salt pipe.

Mrs.Némethné Krisztina Szabó Hungary

I have asthma, and the device has been a great help for me in this foggy weather thatmakes everyone prone to colds. I use it regularly, and I love it!  


Using the DSI is a piece of cake, and if you use it for 15 minutes a day initially, thisoffers a good opportunity for meditation and relaxation. The best thing to dois talk to your physician... I do not depend on inhalers using chemicals, sothis is a good substitute for me. Doctors who are followers of western medicinewill not prefer it so much, but I use it because it is effective. I think youwill enjoy this inhaler.

United Kingdom

First of all, I cannot emphasise enough how much relief I got from both the nasal and the chest inhaler.  I have suffered with allergy problems for many years, as well as general sinus problems.  Inhaling with the nasal Inhalo gives me almost instant relief and I am able to breathe again through my  nose.  The chest Inhalo is again, fabulous for opening up the airways helping me to breathe properly.  I love the shape and compactness of the devices.  They slip easily into a handbag or even pocket.  Very tactile and easy to use. I would highly recommend both of the Inhalos.  I am against long-term medication use, and it is good to find a naturally sourced alternative, that works as well as medication without any side effects.

Amelia Gazecka

I've just started testing out the inhaler for the nose, so far it's been really good, I like the menthol smell. I definitely recommend them.

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