What is the secret of the Praid salt? We will show you!

Not many people know, but salt as a mineral is essential for ahealthy body. By this, of course, we do not mean processed, unrefined saltsthat are available on the shelves of hypermarkets, but those that come from thedepths of the mines, from a natural environment.

We strive to use the most natural, best quality salt possiblefor our products. That is why we import the raw material necessary for DSIInHalo from one of the most famous deposits in the world, the salt mine inPraid.

And what is the secret of the salt mine? Why is the salt here sogood? This is what we will explain in our article.

Formation of the Praid salt mine and mining

According to historians, the salt mine near Praid may have developedabout 10 million years ago, in the Middle Miocene period. To this day, the minehas the largest salt reserves in Europe and thus it plays a key role in theTransylvanian economy.

Salt was mined as early as the times of the Hungarian conquest,and later in the 15th century the adjective "Szekler salt" was addedto it, as the salt mine is located in Szeklerland.

In addition to extraction, which is still active today, medicaltreatment has been used in the mines since the 1960s: The special quality saltfound here has a cleansing and healing effect.

What makes it special?

The Praid salt contains about 84 different minerals, includingcalcium, magnesium and potassium, as well as natural, ancient sea mud. This mudis used much also in the cosmetics industry as it is excellent for cleansingthe skin and treating pimples and acne.

Additionally, it is an excellent choice for meals due to itsintense, yet soft taste.

Praid salt in the InHalo DSI salt inhalers

Due to its excellent physiological effects, we came to theconclusion that using Praid salt in our inhaler is the best choice. That is whyeach InHalo product contains 5 grams of unprocessed Praid salt, which cleansand disinfects the lower and upper respiratory tract with the primordial powerof nature.

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