The importance of clean breathing during exercise

Proper breathing is important anyway, but this is especially important when doing/playing sports. It is able to increase control over the body and mind and to facilitate strenuous movements. It is for a good reason that regular exhalation and inhalation exercises are important during exercise.

Only through the nose?

In through the nose, out through the mouth. In relation to sports, this is most often voiced as a basic principle, as the nose filters the air and this also prevents increased dryness of the mouth. This is fine as long as it is easy to breathe like this. However, as soon as we start to get short of breath, inhaling through the mouth should not be ruled out either.

If you want to increase your oxygen intake during training, do not force exhalation or inhalation, as this will do more harm than you think. Focus on continuity and do not take breaks during exhalation and inhalation. Let your breathing be even, uninterrupted and easy - this is the best what we can do for our body.

Clean breathing during training

When doing/playing sports, we do an activity that raises our pulse rate, therefore we need more oxygen. While it is true that sports help the development of the lungs and breathing, this does not necessarily mean that there is a strong emphasis on learning different breathing techniques in each sport. Still, they can help athletes not only be masters of their bodies, but help them also focus more on their minds by controlling their breathing.

Clean breathing supports active exercise in several ways:

• it is the basis of general physical well-being

• it reduces muscle tone, which results in muscle flexibility

• it helps manage stress and nervousness in a competitive situation

• it is able to protect the body from unnecessary energy use

• it supports the proper execution of movements

• it also improves endurance - with better breathing we can keep up the pace for a longer time

If you are going to do/play sports, take your DSI salt inhaler with you which will exert its effect already after a few sniffs. Due to their antibacterial properties, the 100% organic salt crystals clean your airway, and they also support smooth breathing and your workout. Thanks to its compact size, the salt inhaler can fit even in the smallest place, so it can always be with you if you need a few sniffs of clean air.

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