The DSI salt inhalers have pocketed an award once again

In early April 2019, the largest European exhibition of organic and natural products, the Natural & Organic Products Europe, was again held in London.

This year, DSI InHalo participated in the event not only as an exhibitor, but it also received a prestigious award: the salt inhalers became the best new health products. A jury of professionals judged DSI products to be innovative and healthy solutions.

In the past, the salt pipes were awarded also for their appearance. In 2012, they won the Red Dot Design Awards, the most prestigious recognition of formal appearance, and they have also received the Hungarian Design Award. And in London it was awarded the best new special health product award, as the expo focuses on healthy, natural and organic products.

Incidentally, the prestigious event attracts thousands of visitors from 83 countries every year; they can get to know the products and offerings of about 700 exhibiting companies.

Salt therapy has been used for decades to treat various respiratory diseases, or to relieve allergic symptoms. The new feature DSI has brought is that it has enclosed the natural salt crystals in an ergonomically designed, compact little device so you can take it with you anywhere. This can be a great help to many, as every second person struggles with some form of allergic disease. It is a great relief for them to have a device that they can take with them everywhere and with which they can alleviate the inconveniences caused by the allergy.

Another great advantage of the products is that they are natural: The inhalers contain 100% organic Praid salt crystals. It does matter what kind of material is enclosed into such a device. It is extremely important that the anti-inflammatory substance, that is salt, is as natural and pure as possible. With the DSI, virtually you can carry a salt mine in your pocket, as the dry salt inhaler actually simulates the natural climate of the underground salt cave.

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