Stress situation? Soothe your thoughts with breathing exercises

Clean and calm breathing has a number of beneficial effects on the body. In addition to being able to clean the airway and improve breathing, they calm the nerves, thereby helping to cope with stressful situations. Handle the strenuous days better with a few simple breathing exercises that can be done anywhere.

Before the breathing exercise

Before you start a breathing exercise, there are a few things you should know:

• It is important to start with a clean airway so that nothing obstructs the free flow of air. Salt therapy can help you with this.

• If possible, do the exercise in the freshest possible air.

• It should be done in silence: create a calm environment, make sure that nothing and no one bothers us.

• Start with an empty stomach.

• Wear loose clothing; a tight belt or tightening rubber in the trousers, tight clothing provide an uncomfortable position and impede the flow of the air.

• Stand up, straighten your back, keep your position upright so that your chest has enough room to rise.

And now come a few different exercises…

The 4-7-8 type of breathing exercise

Press the tip of your tongue to your upper denture and hold it there until the end of the exercise. Close your mouth, take a breath through your nose while you count to 4. Hold your breath as you go on counting. When you reach 7, start blowing out the air slowly through your mouth when counting 8. Repeat the exercise as many times as necessary.

Detoxifying breathing

The key is to inhale as thoroughly as possible and to exhale in a slow and prolonged manner. Fill the whole chest with air through your nose - without forcing it - and then let it out at a slow pace, evenly through your mouth. Repeat two or three times in a row and don’t be discouraged if the exhalation isn’t going so slowly yet. If you practice more and more, it may take over 100 seconds to let the air out of your chest.

Complete yoga breathing

The abdomen, the area of the swinging ribs and the chest also take part in this. We start from the bottom, moving up: first you suck the air into your belly and then let it get higher and higher, all the way to your lungs. And when you exhale - do it in the same way: from the abdomen to the lungs. Let the three phases be well separable, but connect them with a breath.

Alternating nostril breathing

This breathing exercise is a bit more complicated compared to the others because you have to focus not only on breathing. Slowly and evenly suck the air in and blow it out, but in the meantime pay attention to changing the fingers. At the start, block the right nostril with the thumb of your right hand while inhaling through the left one, then block your left nostril with your ring finger, blow out the air on the right one. Swap the nostrils after each inhalation.

You can use these breathing exercises any time, anywhere, just as well as the DSI salt inhalers. The small, ergonomically designed devices contain 100% natural Praid salt crystals and help cleanse your airways. Do you have any questions about salt therapy? Fell free to contact us!

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