It turned out what many people do if someone sneezes next to them on the bus

Do you also think that you should move to another seat if you are sitting next to a person on the bus who sneezed three times between two stops? Maybe that person is just allergic. But it may also be that the person contracted some unpleasant illness.

You are not alone with this thought!

Recently, a dialogue was started on a social site about what users think is their strange habit. Many users shared their interesting, ridiculous, or simply embarrassing habits, and, interestingly, several users wrote that when someone sneezes or coughs next to them, they always hold their breath for a few seconds waiting for the bacilli to go away.

Do you do that too? Well, you are not alone with this habit! In an enclosed space, such as a public transport vehicle, we cannot choose who is standing next to us, or how close. On a crowded tram, certainly, there isn’t that much room to move around. And if you are going on vacation and are travelling by plane or train, together with the bacilli, it is even harder to escape.

If the air space is limited and sneezing or coughing passengers are bothering you too, get an InHalo DSI salt inhaler. Thanks to its small size, you can be sure to find a place for it in your bag, so you can get it out any time if you feel you need a little fresh air.

The natural and pure salt crystals contained in the salt inhaler support free breathing thanks to their anti-inflammatory effect - even if you are the sneezing passenger on the metro. This is because organic salt therapy can relieve respiratory complaints, asthma and the symptoms of allergic diseases.

Inhale this rather than the bacilli!

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