Go on vacation with the DSI! Your body will appreciate it

Let’s see how the DSI can help both when travelling and during your vacation.

On the long road

Have you experienced that on a flight or a longer train ride

the air around is running low? This is because it is never possible to open a window on a plane, and rarely on trains, to let fresh air into the cabin. And air conditioning is not the real solution.

Additionally, the fact that in a place so closed it is a matter of time and several bacilli enter the space with the exhaled air shall not be neglected either. To avoid this, many have their proven method, but over a longer journey there is a need for something else.

Many people respond to this situation with a dry cough, even if they otherwise do not have an allergic complaint or asthma. With this the body indicates that something is wrong. In such cases we usually drink fluids to soothe the cough stimulus, but there is another solution as well.

During the stay

In addition to the long journey, it is also worth talking about your stay. Usually, before booking we see the accommodation only on photos, so disadvantages are hard to spot. Thus sometimes when we open the door of our accommodation we get a big surprise. For example, if we get a small, musty, dark room, it will do harm not only to the atmosphere of the holiday. It can also make it difficult to breathe if the destination of our vacation is a place with a more sultry climate than at home. You won’t enjoy a pleasant afternoon walk if you have to do it with tears in your eyes and coughing. The solution may be the same in both cases.

Take the DSI inhalers with you and do some sniffs if you need to. Inhaling dry salt has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system, cleansing and disinfecting it due to its antibacterial properties. The innovative, ergonomically designed DSI devices are portable and fit in a small place, so you can store them even in your pocket. They simulate the conditions of the natural microclimate of the underground salt cave, and there is no cost of visiting the salt mine.

Obtain your DSI nasal and oral inhalers before your next trip or vacation and take them with you. They will be a great companion if you feel like you are running out of air around you.

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