Get out your DSI in the middle of the flu season

How do you equip yourself in the flu season? With warm, layered clothes? By consuming more fruits and vegetables? With vitamins and minerals? We'll say something new!

Dry salt therapy contains many benefits for your health. And this is something already discovered by the Greeks for themselves. Before Christ, Hippocrates also often used salt therapy for healing. And nowadays, more and more people are discovering this completely medicine-free, organic method for themselves.

Before you catch a cold

Autumn cool weather is an ideal time for the flu season and colds, especially when the air suddenly cools down and a pleasant Indian summer is left out. At such times, countless diseases attack our health, and salt therapy can already play a role in the prevention. It is worth inhaling regularly also if you do not have any respiratory complaints, as the inhaled salt crystals support the overall, optimal health of the nasal cavities, lungs and the respiratory system.

Additionally, salt also has a natural immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory effect. When, for example, it is used for a sitting bath it actually sucks in the toxins, thus starting the body's natural cleansing process. And when inhaled, it is at the forefront of cleansing the airway.

If you catch a cold or the flu

If you weren’t careful enough and still got the bacilli from somewhere, in addition to the treatment recommended by your doctor it is worth taking a regular salt therapy. The tiny, organic salt crystals reach the airways, all parts of the bronchi where they deliver their effects. Due to their antibacterial properties, they disinfect the airway: sticking to the mucous membranes they bind secretions and help to cough them up.

When inhaled, the natural, micro-sized salt crystals relieve the swelling of the nasal mucosa, making it easier to breathe and reducing coughing fits.

The great advantage of DSI salt inhalers is that you can take them anywhere with you: the ergonomically designed small devices fit even in the pocket of your bag, so you can inhale anywhere. As part of an existing treatment, salt therapy can alleviate the discomfort caused by the illnesses and colds contracted during the flu season. The completely organic therapy can provide a medicine-free solution and promote healing as soon as possible.

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