Control your breathing consciously with yoga

Are you familiar with pranayama? It is nothing more than a conscious control of breathing. It was created from a composition of Sanskrit words - prana (breathing) and ajam (control).  Incidentally, the translation of breathing exercise does not fully cover what the word actually means.

Prana is considered a cosmic energy, it is a creative, retaining and changing force, an essential element of existence and consciousness. The aim of the exercises is to gradually gain control over this and to fully control it.

According to legends, every living thing on Earth has a predetermined number of breaths in its lifetime. Thus, yogis consciously slow down their breathing to live longer. Even if you do not believe in this, because of the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of pranayama, you should definitely give it a try:

• it helps maintain the health of the body,

• cleans the blood, thus improving oxygen uptake,

• strengthens the lungs and the heart,

• normalizes blood pressure,

• facilitates healing processes,

• strengthens resistance to infections,

• eliminates stress, nervousness and depression,

• soothes thoughts and emotions,

• creates internal balance,

• expands consciousness.

There are different levels and varieties of pranayama, thus there is always room for development.

Clean breathing is very important to us as well, which is why we have created our pocket salt mines that support the healthy functioning of the respiratory system. Thanks to the antibacterial effect of the 100% organic Praid salt crystals contained in the device, it can also help people with allergies and asthma.

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