Cartridge, lamella, plastic lid - the elements of the salt inhaler

DSI inhalers are ergonomically designed, compact devices, yet they contain all the necessary elements. Many of you are asking us what the function of these little parts is, so here is more detail about them. Each is an essential part of the inhaler, performing a different function.

The salt cartridge

It contains salt crystals from Praid, exactly 5 grams of natural, unprocessed rock salt crystals. This is protected by a transparent lid and, in the case of a nasal salt inhaler, at the bottom of the cartridge there is also a holder for the aroma stick. The transparent bottom must by all means be placed back before inhalation.

The lamella

Many have asked the question of whether this should be removed before use. It is not recommended as it is also an integral part of the inhaler. The silicone lamella prevents the air from being blown back into the device. When we suck the air in, the lamella rises and salty air enters our lungs, and then it closes when we blow the used air back. The lamella can be removed if you do not feel that the salt is intense enough, but then do not blow the exhaled air back into the device.

The aroma stick holder

We decided to provide an aroma stick together with the nasal inhaler because it makes inhalation even more pleasant, with even more effective substances entering the airways. This holder is located on the bottom of the cartridge and the stick should be inserted before use and then snapped back into place. If the smell is not pleasant, or you are allergic to the ingredients, you can use the salt inhaler without the aroma stick. It is important, however, that you do not remove the aroma stick holder from the device, simply do not insert the stick.

The plastic lid

Remove the plastic lid that protects the salt inhaler, but be sure to place it back after use. This will prevent the inhaler from becoming dusty or dirty.

Our salt inhalers are small but multi-component devices. Each part has its own function and they are there for a good reason. If you have any questions about the structure of our salt inhalers or the salt therapy, feel free to contact us.

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