3 effective ways to protect yourself from air pollution

Air pollution causes unpleasant discomfort for a lot of peopleliving in cities. Windless weather, dust, exhaust fumes and carbon monoxide fromcombustion can all be the root cause of smog, thus, unfortunately, it is notseasonal: it can develop almost any time.


Air that contains smog causes a number of diseases, includingallergies and asthma, so it is worth taking the proper precautions to maintainyour health.


Fortunately, there is no need to obtain complicated,hard-to-reach things, as with these 3 simple practices that can be resorted toany time you can do a lot against the unpleasant symptoms of air pollution.

Avoid places where there is smog

If you know you are sensitive to smog, you might want to look atthe forecasts and check the smog map, and, if possible, avoid contaminatedareas.


If you have to pass through such areas, take a salt inhaler withyou which will effectively clean the airways and the bronchi.


In addition, drink plenty of fluids, which speeds up theelimination of toxins from the body and prevents clot formation and thusreduces the risk of thrombosis.

Do not ventilate at all costs

Sometimes it is a good idea to ventilate the room, as fresh airenergizes and oxygen helps to refresh. However, when the concentration of dustin the air is high, close the window. Observe the direction of the wind and ifit is blowing from the road or the downtown, do not open the windows. Waituntil the air becomes a little cleaner.


Use a salt inhaler

Salt has an antihistamine effect, thus it effectively cleans thelungs and the bronchi. Additionally, it also has an anti-inflammatory andantibacterial effect, thus it calms the airways. You can take the salt inhalerwith you anywhere, so if you have difficulty breathing or start coughing as aresult of polluted air, it is an effective and quick help.


It is easy to use, as you can also apply it through your mouthor nose, by breathing it in.


Prevent the symptoms or fight the existing ones with the DSIinhaler.

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