The possibly most well-known Hungarian product design of last year is not a one-off success but the result of several years of consistently high quality work carried out by a Hungarian design enterprise. Similarly to the company’s previous projects, the design processes were successfully integrated into the case of this product too, from the design process to the technological details of the manufacturing and the individual marketing elements. The dry salt inhaler, designed by utilising the experiences of similar previous tools, is an innovative, ergonomical, portable medical device offering the benefits of salt therapy anywhere and anytime. The primary message of the product is to continuously maintain a healthy quality of life: its 15-20-minute daily use helps to prevent many problems and illnesses—allergies, coughing, asthma, bronchitis, wheezing, snoring, throat and laryngeal inflammation as well as respiratory diseases related to smoking. Compared to previous salt inhalers, DSI Inhalo’s primary innovative aspects are its form and material, since it is made of 100% degradable, biocompatible plastic.

Jury statement:

The inhaler is an outstanding example of a high standard, complex design process thought through in every detail and developed all the way to product level. The precise and thorough analysis of user needs and functional problems related to already existing and known ceramic salt inhalers resulted in a brand new product in which form, use of material, technology, packaging and visual identity are fully integrated and reinforce each other. » The mature and likeable form is refined in every detail. The inhaler is ‘hand- and pocket-friendly’.

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Designers: Co&Co Designcommunication Ltd. /